Memories By Mandi

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence

Invest in yourself, and your confidence!


What should I expect?

You should definitely expect to have a whole lot of fun + embrace who you are! I make sure to provide a comfortable environment for my ladies. Also- expect to gain a whole lotta confidence and jam to your favorite music. Overall- just be your beautiful self!

How do I prepare?

I like to suggest starting the day of your appointment by treating yourself! Hair and makeup will be done by you- so make those curls super big and throw on those lashes, this day is about you! I also like to recommend staying comfy before your appointment, so avoid wearing tight fitting clothes to avoid any clothing marks!

If you would like suggestions for hair + makeup artists in the area, I got you girl!

What should I wear?

My sessions allow time for 2 outfit changes, and I like to recommend wearing anything you feel comfortable + sexy in. Bodysuits, a matching bra and panty, stockings, or a sexy loose top are all great options! Also- rummaging through your hunny's closet for their comfy flannels/dress shirts is also highly recommended! (Because hey, we already steal them anyways right?!)

(Also, Amazon will be your bff for finding the perfect bodysuit outfits!)

Do you have a client closet?

I do have a very limited client closet for my boudoir ladies! Make sure to mention your interest in your inquiry!